Narrow V-belts DIN 7753 & V-belts DIN 2215

V-belts are wear parts that must be replaced regularly. For this reason we have narrow V-belts and high-performance narrow V-belts acc. to DIN 7753 and classic V-belts acc. to DIN 2215 as brand goods in our delivery program. The narrow V-belts (SPZ, SPA, SPB and SPC) and classic V-belts (Z, A, B and C) are wrapped V-belts (the surface of the V-belt has a fabric structure all around it), which are different only in their profile dimensions. The cogged raw edge (on the flanks without fabric structure) and moulded cogged (interior side of the V-belt is toothed) high-performance narrow V-belts (XPZ, XPA and XPB) have the same profile as the narrow V-belts.

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